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IT Services

Investment in IT

To support our ongoing investment in production facilities, we continue to invest in state of the art IT solutions, to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements. Our staff are constantly working on improved techniques to minimise turnaround times and improve service delivery to our customers. ‘Not possible’ and ‘No’ are not phrases in our dictionary and hence our customers stay with us, due to our flexibility and problem solving mentality.

Services offered include:

  • Technical advice and guidance
  • Intelligent enclosing technology
  • File formatting
  • PAF
  • GAS (Goneaway Screening)
  • TBR (Deceased Screening)
  • MPS (Mailing Preference Service)
  • Deduplication
  • Barcoding for intelligent enclosing
  • Mailsort, Walksort, CBC
  • Barcoding generation for scanning of goneaways/ do not mails
Flexibility Innovation Control - total print solutions

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